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Staff Team

This page gives an overview of our staff team, shown in school uniform colours! If you wish to contact either school, please refer to our contact pages.

Federation Headship Team

  • Mrs Claire Eggleston – Executive Headteacher
  • Mr N Brinicombe – Head of School, River
  • Mrs C Lintott - Assistant Head of School, Lydden
  • Ms T Moody– Assistant Head of School & SENCo, River
  • Mrs V Alliston – Assistant Head of School, River


Senior Teachers

  • Mrs C Court- River


             Teaching Team, Lydden

  • Mrs J Haughton (SENCO Lydden)
  • Mrs D File
  • Miss S Doran
  • Miss F DeLacey


Teaching Team, River 

  • Mr D Arnold
  • Miss R Bray
  • Miss J Chambers
  • Mrs A Churchill
  • Mrs A Neale
  • Mrs T Diamond
  • Mrs L Smith
  • Mrs L Wood (Trainee Teacher)
  • Mrs G Mercer
  • Mr Cornet
  • Mrs S Erkul
  • Miss J Fitzsimmons
  • Miss M Imbush
  • Mr R McCreedy
  • Miss L Spain
  • Mrs L Vick
  • Miss H Ward
  • Mrs S Betts
  • Mrs M Veale


Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Lydden

  • Mrs L Meadows
  • Mrs Z Clarke


Higher Level Teaching Assistants, River

  • Mrs A Salisbury
  • Mrs N Watson 


Child Liaison Officer, River

  • Mrs A Prior


Teaching Assistants, Lydden

  • Mrs G Revell
  • Miss K Foreman
  • Miss S Westlake
  • Mrs J Grimes
  • Mrs Z Clarke
  • Ms H Morrison


Teaching Assistants, River

  • Mrs M Beal
  • Mrs A Begum
  • Mrs S Bruce
  • Mrs H Coulter
  • Mrs S Clarke
  • Mrs A Donovan
  • Mrs E Bilsland
  • Mrs Z Hogben
  • Mrs K Kerr
  • Mrs S Lockhart
  • Mrs R Kesby
  • Miss C Marsh
  • Mrs J Limbrick
  • Miss A Loates
  • Mrs J Read
  • Miss J Scott
  • Miss D Skelton
  • Mrs D Smith
  • Mrs T Simpson

Support Staff

Child Liaison Officer, River

  • Mrs A Prior

Family Liaison Officer, River

  • Mrs H Law 

IT Technician – Federation

  • Miss S Higgins

Business Manager- Federation

  • Mrs J Owen

Finance Officers

  • Ms S Hixon
  • Mrs J Broom

Office Administrative Assistants

  • Mrs R Willis
  • Mrs A Bean
  • Miss M Peirce

Site Manager

  • Mr K Pitcher
  • Mr R Turrell