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PE at River


In Term 6 each year group will be developing and building upon previous skills, as well as acquiring new skills and techniques to apply in game situations. All pupils will also participate in gymnastic to develop flexibility and strength or dance to perform simple movement patterns towards a finished performance. 


FS - continue to explore and develop movement patterns, as well as beginning to develop balance and body awareness

Year 1 - continue to explore and consolidate all fundamental skills required to move with control and awareness and consolidate sending and receiving skills

Year 2 -  begin to explore the skills required to participate in striking and fielding games  

Year 3 - to consolidate the skills required to participate in track and field events within athletics

Year 4 - to apply previously learnt skills within striking and fielding games, beginning to explore tactics within the games

Year 5 - to develop and improve the tactics and strategies require within striking and fielding games to become a more effective player  

Year 6 - to consolidate on all the skills, tactics and strategies required to participate as an effective player within modified games across all areas of sport