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Lydden Primary School

Lydden Primary School

This Term's Learning



In our guided reading, our core texts will take us to the Antarctic in Shackleton's Journey and then ancient Egypt with Secrets of a Sun King. 


Alongside this, our writing endeavors will see us write third-person narratives, formal letters and poetry.



Our focus for Year 5 will be:


  • place value up to 1,000,000
  • partitioning
  • rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and further
  • mental and formal strategies in addition and subtraction
  • multiplication and division including factors, multiples, prime numbers and square and cube numbers


Our focus for Year 6 will be:


  • place value up to 10,000,000
  • partitioning and rounding to estimate and check
  • negative numbers
  • addition and subtraction
  • common multiples and common factors
  • multiplying with mental and formal strategies
  • using short division and factors to divide
  • exploring the inverse
  • solving multi-step problems with all four operations



Life cycles in living things and their habitats.

Properties and changes of materials.




The Ancient Greeks and locating world countries and exploring their human and physical characteristics. 



Using subtractive techniques and exploring organic and natural forms in landscape abstract paintings. 



Hot to say the date and talking about pets.



Exploring nutrition and our culinary skills with a Danish and Middle Eastern influence. 



How to design a website.



Me and my place in the world. 



Coordinating and performing a war dance inspired by the haka.