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This Term's Learning

Our topic this term is....



We can learn a lot about the past by finding out what it was like to be a child years ago and comparing that with what it is like today. This topic teaches children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources. We will discover what it was like to be part of the Queen's Coronation too.  



We are using the following texts as a stimulus for our writing, as we learn to talk about the characters and write simple sentences.




In term 2 we are consolidating our knowledge of phase 2 single sounds and some phase 3 diagraphs (2 letters 1 sound). We will also continue to practise our segmenting to spell and blending to read.




We will be focusing on year 1 common exception words, those words which we learn to read on sight.



Year One are continuing their fluency with counting forwards and backwards to 20, and the quick recall of these numbers on sight. We are also working on accurately forming our digits 0-9.

Continuing from last term with part-part-whole, we will be introducing the cherry model and begin using numerals as well as objects to add. 



This term our Science topic is Everyday Materials. We will be identifying, grouping and exploring the properties of glass, wood, plastic, fabric and metal. We will then apply our skills in different scientific investigations to explore 'How well do different kitchen paper towels absorb water?' and 'Which materials make the best crash mat for Humpty Dumpty?'




Challenge Time

In Challenge time, we continue to learn through play, using the skills learnt during teacher directed sessions and applying them to our own chosen activities. The children may chosen from a selection of our topic related challenges or focus on their own unique and diverse interests.


Our Nativity Performance 

This term we will be becoming performers as we practise for our Year One Performance of 'Busy Busy Bethlehem'. Please continue to practise the songs at home.