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This year, pupils have been given a selection of homework, from the table below. They can choose one from each colour, each week.









Write a diary entry from a soldier’s point of view, as though you have just been told you are heading for war.


What different fractions can you find using a clock face?

Example: 12 to 3 = ¼

12 to 2 = 1/6

Research why the poppy is a symbol of remembrance.

Design or build a small scale shelter which could be used to protect people during the war.

Find what transport was used during WW1 and label the forces acting on it.

Write a poem that links to our theme of WW1 and WW2.



Create a poster or leaflet to explain how we add and subtract fractions with different denominators.

Research the main areas which were targeted during WW1 and plot them on a map.

Design a poster to encourage children to help out at home during the war.

Design/make an aircraft which is streamlined (doesn’t have much air resistance acting on it; it doesn’t hit many air particles as it travels).



Please continue to read at home regularly and learn any times table you don’t know up to 12 x 12.