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This year, pupils have been given a selection of homework, from the table below. They can choose one from each colour, each week. By the end of the Half-Term, they should have completed one from each topic. Homework is due in on a Wednesday.


As well as this, pupils should try and learn their times tables!










Pick an object from the Anglo Saxon period, try and describe the object without saying the name.

Create your own maths word problems based on negative numbers. Check that they work and then give it to a partner.

Draw or create the armour of an Anglo Saxon solider.

Design an alien to live on a planet and explain the reasons why.

Draw a map on an Anglo-Saxon village. What would you expect to see and why.

Write a diary entry of someone starting a new beginning- eg new school. How would they feel?

Plan and write a story based in the Anglo Saxon time.

Write down the birthdays of all your family, in Roman Numerals.

Draw or paint in an Anglo Saxon artistic style.

Make the solar system.

Make a wanted poster for an Anglo Saxon Warrior.

Create a fact file about Judaism.