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Lydden Primary School

Lydden Primary School

Year 5/6 - NHS Class

Welcome to NHS Class

Year 5 and 6


Welcome back to a new school year after a well-deserved summer break.


Our theme for choosing our class name for this year was based on the idea of a successful team, inspiring us to develop key skills such as communication and working towards a collective goal. For year 5 and 6 students, our class is named 'NHS', after a team of carers that has shown resilience and togetherness working through great challenges over the years; indeed, it celebrated its 73rd birthday this past July. As a class, we have already discussed the values that are the foundation of the NHS and we will continue to draw on those values over the coming year to inspire our own NHS Class to be successful learners, working together and helping each other as part of a successful team. 


Our topic for our learning this term is SOW, GROW AND FARM


We’ll be learning all about one of the great human innovations: farming. It has enabled us to grow in populations, to settle other continents, to feed the towns and cities of today's world. Within farming, we will understand how crucial different climates are to the cultivating of different crops, and also how farming needs to be done in the correct way, so that our planet's biodiversity isn't affected further,

and that those who work the fields are treated in the right way.

Terms such as 'fair-trade' and 'ethical' will be as equally important as 'livestock' or 'irrigation'. 


70% of Britain's land is devoted to agriculture, and we'll be understanding different approaches: arable, pastoral and mixed. Closer to home, we'll have the unique opportunity to understand allotments, and to put our learning into practice within our very own school grounds!


Any questions or queries, please email


Mr Edmunds and Mrs Meadows

Knowledge Organisers