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Lydden Primary School

Lydden Primary School

Year 5/6 - Lear Class

LEAR Class

Year 5 and 6


Welcome back to a new school year after a well-deserved summer break.


We have drawn inspiration for our class name this year from the poet Edward Lear. Lear was famous for his nonsense poetry which he often accompanied with  uniquely styled illustrations. In our transition days, we have already demonstrated our own unique abilities in producing some spectacular nonsense poetry and accompanying illustrations, inspired by Lear. 


As a class, we will continue to build on our school values of Attention, Support, Perseverance, Improvement, Reflection and Exploration as our learning journey commences again in September. Lear once said: "It is a great thing if one does not go backward." Thus, onward we march together as Lear Class!


Our topic for our learning this term is DYNAMIC DYNASTIES


Practising Tai Chi

In our project we'll be learning about the history of ancient China, focusing primarily on the Shang Dynasty, and exploring the lasting legacy of the first five Chinese dynasties, some of which can still be seen in the world today.


Our historical timeline will stretch all the way back to 2070 BC, encompassing over two thousand years of remarkable history that has helped shape both the ancient and modern world. Alongside understanding their ancient beliefs,

we will explore how the social hierarchy functioned, how battles were fought,

the beginnings of international trade with silk and jade,

and the legacies left by the ancient East. 


Any questions or queries, please email


Mr Edmunds, Mrs Meadows & Miss McLoughlin

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