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Year 5/6 - Banksy



Welcome to Banksy Class

Year 5 and 6



Welcome back to a new term!


This year our class is named 'Banksy,' after the graffiti artist. We have already begun to explore his techniques of choice and used stencils to create our own artwork.  We will continue to discuss the meaning of his art throughout the year and discuss the issues surrounding his work. 



Our topic for our learning this term is: Gallery Rebels!





Colours collide, melting together on the canvas: an impression of light, a rage of red, a lobster perched on a telephone.

Come and find out about the bizarre and eccentric minds of the gallery rebels! Art can be an act of rebellion.

Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought, or an idea? Dream the dream – or show us your nightmares!

What do you see? Watches melting? Wheels spinning? A shark in a box?

Can you express yourself without words? Well, a picture paints a thousand of them!

Try your hand at a ‘Damien Hirst’ sculpture, exploring the weird and wonderful to create a curious treasure for the next generation.

Take up your arms and fight for the cause. Paintbrushes and sketchbooks at the ready – let’s make art!


Any questions or queries, please email


Miss Doran and Mrs Annakie







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