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Year 5/6 - Banksy



Welcome to Banksy Class

Year 5 and 6



Welcome back to a new term!


This year our class is named 'Banksy,' after the graffiti artist. We have already begun to explore his techniques of choice and used stencils to create our own artwork.  We will continue to discuss the meaning of his art throughout the year and discuss the issues surrounding his work. 



Our topic for our learning this term is: Darwin's Delights! 



During this half term, we’re going to investigate a range of animal specimens, describing the characteristics of the creatures, and labelling their body parts using software. We’ll use a range of non-fiction books to investigate adaptation, natural selection, variation and inheritance. After examining letters and journal entries written by Darwin, we’ll write our own examples. We’ll collect natural items and discover what plants live around our school. We’ll retrace Darwin’s steps using maps and create sketchbooks to record the plants, flowers and trees we encounter. Using maps and globes, we’ll plan an expedition. What will the weather be like and what physical and man-made features might we encounter?


At the end of the topic, we’ll think about why the Galapagos Islands developed such diverse animal life, and why they might be under threat. We’ll also think about what Darwin would have worked on if he were alive today. How would he use our technology?


English: This term, we will using the book 'Floodland,' by Marcus Sedgwick and linking it to our understanding of question times. By applying VIPERS, pupils will be assessing when to apply evidence to support our view and discussing the wording of questions.  



 Maths: As a class, we will be developing our understanding of place value by extending it to decimal places. We will look at the conversion between fractions, decimals and percentages and how to work out the percentage/fraction of an amount. Year 6 pupils will extend their understanding of fractions to ratio and analyse the difference between fractions and ratios. 


PE, this term, will be on a Thursday and a Friday. Please make sure that your children have their PE Kits in on these days.


If you have any questions or queries, please come and talk to us.


Miss Doran and Mrs Annakie


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