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Year 5/6 - Banksy



Welcome to Banksy Class

Year 5 and 6



Welcome back to a new term!


This year our class is named 'Banksy,' after the graffiti artist. We have already begun to explore his techniques of choice and used stencils to create our own artwork.  We will continue to discuss the meaning of his art throughout the year and discuss the issues surrounding his work. 



Our topic for our learning this term is:

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. 



At the start of this half term, we’ll meet a strange character and use a range of source materials to research the symptoms of the Black Death. Our geography skills will help us understand how the black death came to Britain and why it spread so quickly. We’ll investigate the effects of bacteria on the human body and find out about disgusting and dangerous plague ‘cures’.


English: This term, we will examine the features of a variety of texts, in order to apply into our writing. When reading our text, we will apply our VIPERS, to review a variety of questions and use the text to find evidence to support our view. 



 Maths: As a class, we will be apply out knowledge of the four operations to fractions. We will review how to convert between improper and mixed fractions, simplify to the lowest form and compare the value of fractions. By using real life contexts, we will be able to consolidating out understanding and continue to apply this to a variety of questions. 


PE, this term, will be on a Thursday and a Friday. Please make sure that your children have their PE Kits in on these days.


If you have any questions or queries, please come and talk to us.


Miss Doran and Mrs Annakie


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