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Year 5/6 - King Class



Welcome to Luther King Class

Year 5 and 6



Welcome back to a new term after a long, long time away for many of us!


This year our class is named 'King' after the American minister and social activist, Martin Luther King JR. As a class, we have already found out a little about an inspirational figure who helped to try and change things for the better, famously embodied in his 'I Have a Dream...' speech. As the year progresses, we will have plenty of opportunity to talk about our own dreams, and the dreams we wish for the wider community. 


Our topic for our learning this term is: Stargazers!



Journey into space, into the unknown and towards the farthest frontiers...

What lies closer to home in our very own Solar System?

What are the planets? How old are they? How big are they?

What are the huge distances separating our worlds?

Could we walk on Mars? Do Martians exist? Is the Moon made of cheese? 


Through fact and myth, exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that

humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone? 

Or are there others out there?

Let the exploring begin!


Any questions or queries, please email


Mr Edmunds and Mrs Meadows