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Year 5

Term 1

Year 5 also elected to participate in a Dodgeball competition this term. The whole afternoon was planed and delivered by the children. Great skill and determination was shown throughout the whole tournament, as well as teamwork. All children enjoyed the afternoon, the final positions were:

1st Limekiln

2nd Frandham

3rd Coxhill

4th Holmstone


Term 2

For this terms intra-sport competition the whole year group took part in a Benchbell competition. There was a display of great passing and moving skills throughout the afternoon. A chance to develop leadership skills through referring and leading the event was also performed to a high standard. Well done to everyone! Final positions were

1st Frandham

2nd Limekiln

3rd Coxhill

4th Holmstone 

Term 3

Term 3 saw the children competing in a Benchball competition. The children applied the skills that they have developed to play  fast and fluent games of Benchball. The children also improved their leadership skills when performing the role of referee and through delivery of the whole event.

The final scores were

1st Frandham 14 points

2nd Coxhill 13 points

3rd Holmstone 11 points

4th Limekiln 10 points