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Year 5

Term 1

Year 5 participated in fitness challenges for intra-sport this term. Completing each activity for 2 mins all of the children really give their all! Some of the activities were Lunges, mountain climbers and speed bounce, with shuttle runs in between each activity. Their commitment and effort and perseverance was very clear to see. Well done to you all!

The final positions were:

1st Limekiln

2nd Holmstone

3rd Coxhill

4th Frandham


Term 2

Year 5 used the Dover and Deal Partnership Sportshall Athletics competition as their intra-sport competition at the same time. All children were not only representing their house, within school but also River school as part of the inter-school competition. The extra competition seemed the inspire the children to push themselves just a little harder to achieve a few more points. Participating in; chest push, vertical jump, speed bounce, standing long jump and 100 metre run the children all showed determination and resilience to make the afternoon enjoyable and fun to participate in. The final positions were:

1st Holmstone

2nd Limekiln

3rd Coxhill

4th Frandham