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Year 4

Term 2:

This term the children will be exploring their listening skills in music. They will be taking the opportunity to listen to a range of music that has a theme of water. Children will be using musical and descriptive language to comment on the music. Children will then work in project teams to compose their own water themed piece of music. Further details on this to follow soon. Below you will find some clips of the music children have listened to in class. - The Seal Lullaby (Eric Whitacre) - Take her to sea Mr Murdoch from Titanic (James Horner) - Relaxing water music


In Year 4 this term we are learning about the Egyptians. This week we looked at the instruments that the Egyptians had and found that there are still some of the used today. The children worked in groups, using the instruments that the Egyptians had, to recreate a piece of Egyptian music. Later in the term we will be learning to sing as an ensemble and in two parts. Children managed to sing in two parts and as part of an ensemble with great confidence and performed to their peers.