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Year 4

Term 4


In Year 4 this term, we played bench ball for our intra-sport competition. It was an enjoyable afternoon with everyone using their knowledge of passing and moving into space. We used our attacking and defending skills. There were many interceptions made. We took on different roles as umpires and scorers.


The results are as follows:

1st place with 12 points was Limekiln

2nd place with 6 points was Holmstone

Joint 3rd place with 4 points each was Coxhill and Frandham.


There were also star players for the afternoon:

Holmstone - Mary Robinson

Frandham - James Allen

Coxhill - Nahia Martinez

Limekiln - Regan Kiernan


Well done to everyone who participated!

Term 3

In Year 4 as part of our PE learning for our topic How Do We Find Our Way? we have been exploring outdoor and adventurous activities. For our term 3 intra-sport we had to find our way to survive by building our very own dens. We were split into our houses and then into two smaller teams. Our dens had to have a window that was 50cm wide, enough room for us all to fit in, be stable and be created through team work. We were very successful in building our dens and we were very proud of our creations! Well done to everyone!The results were:

1st Holmstone

2nd Frandham

3rd Limekiln

 4h Coxhill

Term 2

This term in intra-sport we played benchball. Everyone tried their best, persevered to earn as many points as they could for their house. The conference of the umpires grow as the tournament progressed, being completely in control of all of their matches. All of the teams played to the best of their ability gaining as many points as possible for their houses. Some of the matches were very closely fought games, as the final results show!

!st Holmstone and Coxhill

3rd Limekiln and Frandham 

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Term 1

In year 4 intra sport we played dodgeball. Everybody tried their best to score points for they house team. The umpires supported us even though it was a new experience for them. The children in charge of the rotation of teams had to tell all of the players which pitch they were on and the team that they were playing against. We all enjoyed playing dodgeball, representing our house and supporting each other.

Final positions

1st Frandham

2nd Coxhill

3rd Limekiln

4th Holmstone

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