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Year 3/4 - Red Arrows Class


Welcome to Red Arrows class!



This year our class is named 'Red Arrows' class.






Welcome back to school!


We hope you have all had a fantastic summer break and are looking forward to the term ahead. 

We all cannot wait to start the year together!


This term we are exploring the topic



Martin Luther, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks or Amy Johnson? Someone from your  family or the local firefighters? There are many heroes and heroines, but who do you  admire the most? Learn and sing songs about the infamous villains, Bonnie and Clyde and Cruella de Vil. Write a riddle, a comic strip and change a traditional tale, develop dialogue and character and a biographical article. How does it feel to do good and bad things? Which feels best and why? Can you do a good deed that changes the world? Then let’s work together to write a really good rap to remember history’s greats. There are lots to include. Perform to an audience and teach them the words so that they can all rap along.

Perhaps we can be heroes, just for one day?




During our topic we will explore a range of texts including biographies, fairy tales, riddles and comic strips. With each genre we will identify its features, use of language and vocabulary and learn to use these effectively to create our own texts. 

This year we will continue to use Sir Linkalot spelling strategies every day - remember your child can practise at home.

Click here for Sir Linkalot

This term we will be enjoying a range of texts about heroes and villains, including the brilliant book, 'The Adventures of Captain Underpants' by Dav Pilkey. Through reading we will develop our VIPERS skills (vocabulary, inference, predictions, explanations, retrieval and sequencing and summarising.) We will continue to read a range of our own books both at home and at school, completing a quiz on Accelerated Reader after each book. 

Click here for Accelerated Reader





In Term 1 we will learn about place value and then we will move on to learning about addition and subtraction.

Place value: (Y3) Count in hundreds and 50s, represent numbers to 1000—100s, 10s, 1s, including number lines. Find 1, 10, 100 more or less than a given number. Compare objects and numbers to 1000.

Order numbers. (Y4) Count in 1000s, 25s. Represent numbers 1000s, 100s, 10s, 1s, partitioning numbers, represent numbers on a number line to 10,000. Find 1000 more or less than a given number. Compare and order numbers.

Addition and subtraction: (Y3) Add and subtract multiples of 100, 3 digit and 1 digit numbers, 3 digit and 2 digit numbers. Add and subtract 100s. Spot the pattern. Adding 3 digit and 1/2/3 digit numbers crossing 10 or 100 and not crossing 10 or 100. (Y4) Add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s.



Our PE days are on Monday (with Mrs Salisbury) and Thursday (with Mrs Lintott). Please ensure your kit is in school ready for your lessons.


If you have any questions or queries at any point during this term, please do not hesitate to contact us via the office and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Best wishes

Mrs File, Mrs Lintott and Miss Morrison