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Lydden Primary School

Lydden Primary School

Year 3/4

Term 1


This term saw all the children competing in a fitness challenge for intra-sport. A rotation of different activities for everyone was set up including burpees, star jumps and running shuttles. The children had been completing these activities throughout the term so were all in a very competitive spirit! Well done to all of you on your effort!


Final positions

1st Blue team

2nd Green team

3rd Red team

4th Yellow team


Term 2


This terms intra-sport followed a sportshall athletics theme. The children had to throw, jump and run to score points for their house. A great demonstration of determination and perseverance was shown by all. A particular favourite was the vertical jump! Well done to you all!


Final results

1st Blue team

2nd Green team

3rd Yellow team

4th Red team