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Year 3

Term 1

This terms intra-sport competition was a fitness challenge! The children had to complete a variety of different exercises such as; shuttle runs, squats and star jumps. The children had been improving these activities throughout the term so the level of performance was very impressive! Well done to you all on your resilience and effort!  Below are the final positions:
1st  Holmestone
2nd Limekiln
3rd  Coxhill 


Term 2

This term year 3 participated in a Sportshall Athletics competition for their intra-sport. The events included, speed bounce, chest push, vertical jump, standing long jump and 100 metre run. The children really enjoyed this competition even if it was raining and cold! Well done to you all!

 Final positions are 

1st Holmstone

2nd Limekiln

3rd Frandham 

4th Coxhill

Term 4

All of year 3 enjoyed getting active in this terms intra-sport. Running, jumping and throwing- they gave it their all! Well done and here are the final positions

1st Holmstone

2nd Coxhill

3rd Frandham

4th Limekiln