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Year 3

Term 4

On a cold afternoon we competed in our latest competitive event, Dodgeball. All of the children persevered, enjoying the competition, supporting their teammates to achieve the best they could. The final positions were:

1st Frandham

2nd Limekiln

3rd Holmstone

4th Coxhill

Well done to you all!


Term 3

This term the children had voted to play Benchball for their intra-sport competition. Developing their understanding of invasion games this was an enjoyable afternoon of sport and competition.All of the children enjoyed playing this new game and soon began to display some excellent skills! The leaders organised the games and ensured that the whole event ran smoothly, well done to you. The final positions are:

1st Limekin 22 points

2nd Frandham 17 points

3rd Holmstone 13 points 

4th Coxhill 11 points

Term 2

This term year 3 were taking part in hockey for their intra-sport competition. It was an enjoyable afternoon for all involved. The children played with respect for their teammates, their opponents and the year 6 umpires. A great display of their improving hockey skills lead to some very close matches! Well played everyone.

The final results:

1st Frandham

2nd Limekiln

3rd Coxhill

4th Holmstone

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Term 1

Year 3 experienced their first intra-sport in key stage 2. The children chose to compete in dodgeball. The planning and results groups assisted with the smooth running of the event as well as the year 6 leaders who referred all of the matches. All of the children developed their sportsmanship and teamwork skills to make this a fun but competitive event. The winning house was Limekiln!