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Year 2

Term 4

What a great morning of competitive sport! The children once again added stations of their choice of events, this time it was speed bounce and throwing and catching, which we have been developing within our learning time. All of the children tried their best for their house, their teamwork was amazing! The final positions were:

1st Limekiln 94 points

2nd Holmstone 70 points

3rd Coxhill 62 points

4th Frandham 55 points

Term 3

This term the children suggested and then voted to add to two new activities to our Intra-sport competition. They had to ensure that there was a fair scoring system for each new activity and that it continued to develop their fundamental skills. This proved to be a huge success!

Throughout the whole competition all of the children competed at a very high level to support their house and their team mates. Final positions were:

1st Coxhill

2nd Holmstone

3rd Limekiln

4th Frandham

Term 2

Today year 2 completed their second intra-sport competition. Developing all of their fundamental skills, jumping, running and aiming to score points for their houses. The children applied the school values of teamwork and perseverance throughout the whole event. The final scores were very close, well done!

1st Coxhill

2nd Limekiln

3rd Holmstone

4th Frandham 

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Term 1

Wow - what a great start to Intra-Sport in Year 2! The children showed great perseverance in attempting the carousel of activities. They all displayed great team work and sportsmanship by cheering each other on and shaking hands at the end. Luckily we managed to finish just before the rain poured down on us! Well done to Holmstone who won :)