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Year 2

Term 1

Year  2 children resumed their competition within intra-sport this term with some fine performances to score as many points as they could towards the cup. The children demonstrated the skills that they have been working on in lessons, improving their aiming and jumping skills.

When all the scores had been added the final positions were:

1st Holmstone

2nd Coxhill

3rd Limekiln

4th Frandham


Term 2

What a great performance and show of resilience the children demonstrated on a freezing cold afternoon! Everyone got 'stuck in' aiming, balancing and skipping to score points for their house. With encourage and support all of the children did an extremely good job! Here are the final positions

1st Limekiln

2nd Holmstone

3rd Coxhill

4th Frandham

Term 3

This terms intra-sport took a very different approach to our normal competition. Due to lockdown the children took part in a virtual intra-sport! The activities the children completed  at home included, a super slalom run, star Jumps and beanbag aim. All scores were then emailed and collated, here are the final positions:

1st Frandham

2nd Coxhill

3rd Limekiln

4th Holmestone

Term 4

Back to normal routine this term for year 2 intra-sport! As usual everyone gave their best effort to score as many points as possible for their house. The football dribble event was a particular favourite this term! Well done to you all. Here are the final positions,

1st Coxhill

2nd Limekiln

3rd Frandham

4th Holmstone