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Year 1

Term 1

The children competed in their 1st termly intra-sport competition. All children compete for their house in a rotation of fundamental skills scoring as many points as possible for their house. The children enjoyed their 1st experience of this and the final results are below;

1st Coxhill

2nd Limekiln

3rd Frandham

4th Holmstone


Term 2

The children competed in the next round of intra-sport competition through a carousal of fundamental skills. With the support of year 6 sports captains the children are clearly developing all of the balancing, throwing and catching and aiming skills. The final positions are below

1st Coxhill

2nd Frandham

3rd Holmestone

4th Limekiln 

Term 3

What a lovely day we had for the next termly intra-sport competition! The children used all of the fundamental skills that they are developing to compete and score as many points as possible for their house. A great show of determination and perseverance resulted in a win for Coxhill!

1st Coxhill 130

2nd Holmstone 125

2nd Limekiln 125

4th Frandham 111