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Over the course of the term we will be using the text 'Tyrannosaurus Drip' to link with our real dinosaur knowledge and facts. This will support our learning of fact finding and presenting information in our own writing, leading us to create our own fact files.


In Guided Reading, we will work with the wordless text 'Chalk' and a different type of text 'There's a Diplodocus At The Door. We will use both of these to support our VIPERS reading skills, learning to share our responses in full sentences and backing up our ideas with evidence from the texts.


Our whole school 'Take One Book' week will also see the children diving into a surprise text!


Our marking gnome continues to help us remember...

  • to begin our sentences with a capital letter
  • to finish with a full stop
  • to write on the lines
  • to leave gaps between our words
  • to use curly cursive school handwriting