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Myths and Legends


The year is AD 410 and the once - mighty Roman Empire is crumbling. Sailing across the North Sea, ships land on the beaches of Britannia's eastern shores. They carry the Saxons, pirate raiders and strong soldiers, greedy for land and ready to attack the Britons. These Germanic warriors travel the seas in small sailing boats, striking coastal settlements and working their way inland, telling stories during their long, perilous journey.  


Year 4 will be looking at traditional tales, myths, legends and poetry written during this time. We will be exploring how these myths and legends have changed overtime and investigating whether the tales are fact or fiction, in order to create our own Saxon narratives and poetry. 




This term, we will be using vocabulary in our writing that begin with the prefix im- , in- and il -. 



We will also be continuing to learn about inverted commas and how to use them effectively in our writing.