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Writing in Term 5

Our writing for this term is going to inspired by and focused around both our book, 'The Explorer' and our topic of Brazil. We will be writing informative non-fiction texts about the Amazon Rainforest and detailed instructions (in the form of recipes) for the Brazilian street food that we are planning to make. Hopefully, if you are able to come to our family learning event, you will get the opportunity to try some!

These are just some of the writing targets that we are aiming to achieve this term:


  • Understand what I am reading by checking that the book makes sense and finding the meaning of new words from the context.
  • Participate in discussions about books that are read to me and those that I can read, building on my own and others' ideas and challenging views courteously.
  • Plan and write a non-chronological report about The Amazon Rainforest.
  • Spell words ending in -able and -ible, also -ably and -ibly e.g. adorable, possible, adorably, possibly.
  • Indicate degrees of possibility using adverbs e.g. perhaps, surely, or modal verbs e.g. might, should, will, must.
  • Use brackets, dashes and commas to add more information in a sentence.
  • Write a set of instructions for a Brazilian street food recipe.

Here are the writing targets that we are working towards achieving by the end of Year 5: