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Writing is a life skill and the development of writing skills is promoted across all subjects. We use text-based learning to support writing development. In our English lessons, children often share a key text which may be linked to the overall curriculum focus. Using text in this way allows children to enjoy and become familiar with different types of books; become fully absorbed in a text and develop their love of literature. Key learning objectives for the English curriculum can be taught in this way.

At River, children also have discrete Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) sessions focusing on the use of accurate spelling and punctuation. Children build on their knowledge and understanding so that they can apply their skills to their written work.

We believe writing should be exciting and engaging. Teachers use a range of stimuli to motivate children to write for enjoyment. We practice writing every day to improve our skills and have an opportunity to write an extended piece each week.

We introduce children to a cursive handwriting script and support them in the development of a neat joined handwriting style. Children are encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their written work.

Our approach to teaching writing