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World Book Week 2020




This year we will be celebrating a World Book Week (which will encompass World Book Day) from Monday 2nd March until Friday 6th March. The theme for the week is Never Judge a Book By Its Cover.

We look forward to undertaking a range of activities and experiences which will, not only develop children’s reading skills, but which will also actively promote reading enjoyment. We have outlined some of the key activities children will have the opportunity to participate in.

On Monday 2nd March, we will launch our book week with a creative clothes day! This year we are asking children, if they choose, to come in wearing a piece of headwear (hat/wig/fascinator) that represents their favourite book. Children may wear their own clothes along with their headwear. This will be exciting for children to not only share their own book preferences but also for children to guess each other’s book choice.

On this day we will also be introducing our ‘school text’ for the week as we will again be ‘taking one book’ across the school and will be linking our learning in the different curriculum areas to it. We will be surprising the children with the book on Monday 2nd, so we look forward to them telling you all about their key text. Our key theme for the week is “Never judge a book by its cover” so the name of our key text will remain hidden until the end of the week. This will encourage children to retrieve information from the text and use it to infer details.


To relaunch our fantastic library resource, we will also be opening the library every afternoon from 3.15pm until 3.45pm so that parents and carers can come and enjoy sharing a book with the child.

We look forward to an exciting and engaging week which will continue to enhance our children’s love of reading.

We thank you for your continued support.


Miss Bray and Mrs Diamond

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