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Week 4

Year 3 it’s Sports Week!

Our themes this week are… in English ‘Take one Poem’ where you will be exploring a poem and writing your own in the same style. You also have a Spelling Shed assignment, so log on and get practising!


Maths this week focuses on ‘Statistics’, where you will be looking at a range of pictograms and graphs, answering questions on these and creating your own.


Our Topic theme is ‘Sports Week’, where you will be researching an athlete and at the end of the week be participating in our Whole School IntraSport Competition. So you will need to set up your own events and then email the school office with all of your scores (making sure you add your name, year group and house). More information on this is on the Topic section of the ‘Year 3 Week 4 Home learning’ document below.


Did you join Joe Wick’s last week for any morning workouts? If not make sure you definitely do this week, being sports week and all! They are all on Youtube so click on the link below to access them. You can do any of the older sessions or wait until he posts that day’s session by 9am.


Find this week’s lessons on the pdf below ‘Year 3 Week 4 Home Learning’, or continue to scroll down to see them on the webpage. If any website links are provided on the weekly plan, please open the pdf document and click on the links there to access these.

Don’t forget, if any lessons require or refer to a resource or worksheet, click on the relevant subject tab below and open up the pdf document.


Take care Year 3, keep safe and enjoy your learning!

From the Year 3 Team

**If you can't open the 'Year 3 Week 4 Home Learning' pdf file above, we have included the picture below of the weekly activity plan. Please note that these links will not open if you click on them, so you will need to type them into your internet browser search bar.