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Happy Wednesday Adamson and Durrell Teams.   

Have you been joining in with Joe Wicks each morning to help wake you up ready for your learning tasks?  We hope that, however you've started your learning day, you enjoy the tasks we've set for you smiley

Today we've got some more tasks that we hope you will enjoy.  Lots of them should be things that you can get on with independently, especially the tasks for this afternoon when it's time to get creative smiley. 

Although we won't be directly in touch with you over the Easter break, we'll be spending time thinking about and getting ready for our exciting learning for next term! 

We hope you have an 'eggs'cellent Easter break and come back to our learning fresh and ready to 'crack' on with it wink

Make sure that you're being helpful at home, take responsibility for the jobs that you can help with, such as making your own bed, tidying your room (wink), washing up or emptying the dishwasher.  The grownups at home will have things that they need time and space to get on with too.  

We miss seeing you and are really looking forward to catching up with you all as soon as possible.

smiley Miss Ward, Mrs. Veen, Mrs. Clarke, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones smiley

Remember that you can still access TT Rock Stars, Spelling Shed and all the fab things on Purple Mash throughout the holidays.  I wonder which of the tools you will explore?

There's also some Easter maths challenges below if you fancy something different.