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Please find today's learning. For year 5 students, all students please attempt the first two sheets (questions 1 to 6). If there is time, and you feel confident, go for more. 

For year 6 students, please attempt both sides of the worksheet. 


Today we are learning about writing a persuasive letter. Remember, our topic English task this week is to write a letter as though we were Anne Boleyn pleading for mercy. Today, we want to write our plans for the letter, and to write the first paragraph of the letter (this also involves setting the letter out correctly with the sender and receiver's addresses and the date). 

You will find an example of the letter we looked at today in class, and the checklist for writing a persuasive letter. There are also some really helpful support mats: highly recommended!


Today and tomorrow in our topic learning, we are looking at the appearance of people in Tudor times, both the rich and the poor. How did they dress? How did the present themselves? Many of the clothes were different to that which we wear today, in material and how they were made. 

Find the worksheets attached for labelling. There are also a couple of short videos to watch.

How long did it take for a queen to get dressed in Tudor times?