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Please find today's learning.


For year 5 students, attempt questions 1, 2 and 3 on the White Rose worksheet. Questions 4 and 5 are using the same skills, but they practise our problem-solving skills with some word problems. If you find it too challenging, there is additional practice if you have time. Have a go at the word problems though!


For year 6 students, please attempt both sides of the worksheet. There is extra if you have time. 



Today, we'll be building on our descriptive work from yesterday when we imagined ourselves out there, stuck in the Chihuahuan Desert. Some of us put ourselves in the shoes of Stanley (our main character from Holes) whilst some of us wrote a different desert setting. I saw some fantastic descriptive work in class school yesterday, and also sent in from home. I have attached a document with examples sent from home.


Today, we are well and truly putting ourselves in the shoes of Stanley at Camp Green Lake. It's time to write a postcard home... We'll discuss it in the live session. 




This afternoon we'll be learning about the ancient civilization of the Aztecs. There were great civilisations many hundreds of years ago in what we call Mexico today (such as the Mayans and the Olmecs), but the most powerful when the European invaders arrived were the Aztecs. In our live session, we'll learn a little about where the Aztec people come from (and why Mexico is called Mexico), and then we'll investigate everyday life under the Aztec people. 


Have a watch of the video first before you go on to start investigating yourselves. 

What Everyday Life Was Like for the Aztecs