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Understanding the World

Once Upon a Time


As part of our Once Upon a Time topic this term, we will be using books to identify similarities differences in past and present (traditional tales), for example through the clothes people wear, the homes people live in and life as a member of royalty.


Can you dress up as a member of royalty for the day? What would you wear? Where would you live? At home you can have discussions with your family about what you have done in the past and also discuss what life is like for you today.



We will also begin to look at the properties of materials, thinking about which material is best for building a house linked to our learning on The Three Little Pigs. We will also observe processes of change linked to the decay of food.


What materials can you recognise around your home? What are the materials useful for? Why?



Sparkle and Shine


This term we will also be learning about the celebrations that take place during the autumn and winter seasons. We will focus on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year such as Christmas Diwali and Hannukah.


What celebrations have you been to? What special food was there? What celebrations do your family celebrate?