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Tuesday resources and links

The activity we're doing today in class requires some resources.  You will need to discuss with an adult at home as to whether you're able to do something similar at home or whether it might be better to have a look at the alternative options below today's pdf slides.

Alternative Options

1. Write a funny song, poem or story about the digestive system. If you're writing a song, you could use a traditional tune, such as Pop Goes the Weasel, and fit new lyrics to the rhythm and tune. 

If you're writing a story or poem, how can you illustrate it to make it appealing and memorable?


2. Make a video to present your working digestive system model or to present the learning you've done this term about the human digestive system.


Write a script, clearly and concisely describing each organ in the system and the key processes at work. Use the appropriate scientific terms wherever you can. Edit the video using simple editing software, such as Movie Maker.