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Today we have live learning in the morning, so maths and English are at the normal times.


Year 5: please attempt 1 and 2. If you are feeling confident and have time, move onto page 3.


Year 6: please attempt both sides of the worksheet. 


How would you feel if you were transported to the middle of a desert? And to dig holes? We know this is pretty much the story so far in Holes, today we are going to imagine ourselves out there, in the Chihuahua Desert. We will be discussing the vocabulary we found yesterday, and using this to help us draft some creative writing.


This afternoon's session is not live! Yesterday in school I saw some great interpretations of the Mexican Hat Dance from students. The theme of culture with rhythm and music continues this afternoon. One of our goals this term is to learn to sing a Mexican song (or two) to add to our growing repertoire of songs. This afternoon, you will have the chance to get to know our two short Mexican inspired songs: La Cucaracha and  La Bamba. 


Learning to sing in a foreign language is a challenge, but it is also a fantastic achievement and is really quite cool. Don't expect to master it today! Your materials provided are:


Lyrics sheets for both songs (in Spanish and with the English translations to the side)

Video links to listen to and watch the songs

Audio clips with the songs sung slowly (Spanish is spoken at quite a pace!)


Your task is as follows: 


1. To listen to the two songs (the videos), a couple of times each. You may well recognise the melodies.

2. To look at the lyrics sheets, taking one song at a time. Read through the English to find out what the songs are about, and then have a look at the Spanish. Are there any words that you can compare to the English translation? Note them down. 

3. Now listen to the two songs again (the videos), but this time, try to follow the lyrics in Spanish. You don't need to say them yet, just try to follow them. Get to learn the melody and rhythm of the songs. 

4. Now, it's time to have a go at learning to sing both. The two audio files have the songs sung slowly so that you can have a go at listening and then repeating. Use your lyrics sheet to help you. It's best to play one line, pause, and repeat. Do it twice for both songs (as long as you have time). For La Cucaracha, the audio file is just the chorus and first two verses and chorus repeated for now. 

5. If you still have time, choose one of the songs to copy out into your BEST handwriting. Pay extra attention to spellings (because it is in Spanish!). Can you decorate your lyrics sheet, according to what you understand from the English translation?


We will be singing them in the forest from next week!




LA CUCARACHA (practice file)

LA BAMBA (practice file)