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MATHS. Hi everyone. As you know, today there are no live sessions for input. Please read carefully the instructions about what we need to do. 


Year 5 students: You will find lots to help you practise subtracting with mixed numbers (and breaking the whole!). Remember to follow the steps we discussed yesterday. 

Please attempt worksheet 1 first, questions 5 to 12. This continues on from yesterday. If you manage to work through that, then attempt worksheet 2 (but DON'T attempt questions 1 or 4). 


Year 6 students: You will find worksheets to consolidate our learning from Friday and Monday (multiplying fractions by integers and multiplying fractions by fractions). If you're not so confident, attempt questions the first questions on both worksheets, and then work progressively. If you're more confident, you can start with questions the questions on the second page. Think about how you feel in the topic at the moment. There are also reasoning and problem-solving questions for those of you looking for greater challenge. 

ENGLISH. Today we are reviewing our SPaG topic on word classes, identifying the nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, subject, object, determiners, conjunctions and prepositions. There is a guidance sheet to help you. For the sheet titled 'word classes', attempt questions 1 to 8. If you're feeling confident in the topic, attempt questions 5 to 12. There is a second sheet titled 'word classes (application and reasoning). Attempt questions 1 to 3. Again, if you're more confident, go for questions 4 to 6 (and / or even 7 to 9). Good luck!
TOPIC. For today, we're looking at the Tower of London and labelling key places on a map. Please read the instructions attached carefully.