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Speech and Language Support

To support your children's speech, language and communication needs at this challenging time, Speech Link and Language Link have fast tracked the launch of their new Parent Portal. The site, which went live on Friday 20th March, will provide parents with free speech and language advice, resources and activities.  

Miss Adams will be in touch with you before the end of this week and will be able to direct you to specific resources.

Please be reassured that the support for your children doesn't have to stop, even if the school closes 

The site can be found at


Clarification of Home-Learning Resources

To make it easier to identify which activities on the website are intended for your child, Goodall class has been split into two groups: Red and Blue.


Red includes students in years 4, 5 and 6

Blue includes students in year 3


From now on all activities on the Goodall Current Learning page will be labelled accordingly.