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Term 1 - Tribal Tales

 Let's travel back to prehistoric times! This term, we're going to find prehistoric sites by studying maps and researching online. Through our research, we’ll learn about the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. What were people’s daily lives like and what epic battles did they fight? Using techniques such as cutting, scraping and mark making, we’ll make Stone Age tools. We’ll look closely at cave paintings and create our own. Through copying the Bronze Age Beaker folk style, we’ll make clay containers. Then, we’ll travel to the Iron Age to learn about hill forts. During an exploratory dig, we’ll find all sorts of objects and creatures. What will we uncover?


It’s amazing to think that Stone Age people were alive 2.5 million years ago! As they used to paint on walls, why not create a painting on an old roll of wallpaper or a smooth stone from the garden? You could also visit your local library to research the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age history of your local area. Alternatively, visit a site from one of these time periods and imagine what it would have been like to live there.


The following video explains the prehistoric eras for children:


You can also find out new facts from:

Alternatively, you can encourage your child to use search engines responsibly to find out new facts. We recommend using:

Term 1 Tribal Tales Topic Overview and Key Vocabulary