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Term 5

Emperors and Empires


In term 5, we are going to learn all about Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. We will learn about everyday life in Rome including their homes, food no entertainment. We will also explore the hierarchy within society including famous emperors. We will learn about the expansion of the Roman Empire based on the invasions and conquering of land. We will learn about Hadrian’s Wall and the Romanisation of Britain.


What can you find out about the Romans at home? Can you find evidence of Romanisation in our local area?


These websites are full of information to help deepen your child’s knowledge of the Romans.



In term 5 we also have an art companion topic called 

Mosaic Masters 


We will make sketches of different Mosaic patterns to focus on the colour, pattern, borders and subject matter.

Then we will use these sketches to make our own mosaic tile tesserae.


Can you make a mosaic picture at home?