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Term 4 Tremors


We’re going to enjoy to be exploring and discovering some of the natural elements of our world and the disasters they can cause. This half term, we’ll take a walk around River and Kearsney Abbey to see what types of rocks we can find there. We’ll bring our findings together in Kearsney Abbey to create a rock structure. What will we create?

We will learn all about volcanoes and earthquakes, explore the damage they can cause and research some famous natural disasters (Pompeii and Japan 2011). We will use our art skills to create amazing sketches of the bodies of Pompeii and create structures that can survive an earthquake.

We will explore what other countries do to help those in need after a natural disaster and what we can do to keep ourselves safe including discovering what is need in an emergency bag and where is best to take shelter.


At the end of term we will invite our families into school to explore the 'Danger Zone'. As your tour guides we will use all of our new knowledge from our Tremors topic to keep everyone safe during the Red Alert!



The following websites can be used to help support your child's understanding of our topic learning.


This website tells us all about Volcanoes


This website tells us all about Earthquakes


This video explains different types of disasters


Here is a list of the key vocabulary we will be using this term. What words do you already know?