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Term 1 

Through The Ages


We start Year 3 with the topic 'Through The Ages'. This topic is all about history! We will become historians as we discover all about Prehistoric Britain. We will explore different times including the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 


Year 3 have come up with some amazing questions for us to explore:

Where did they live?

What did they eat?

How did they hunt?

How did they make their tools and weapons?

How did they talk?

What animals were alive?

Why did they draw pictures on the walls?

Why is it called the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age?


We will be learning all about these questions and more! Our topic is also linked to our English and Guided Reading lessons as our class text is 'Stone Age Boy'


Year 3 will be fully immersed into the Stone Age at the start of term one as they enjoy Stone Age Day (17th September). All of the year 3 team are encouraged to come dressed up as someone from the Stone Age and we cannot wait to see some of their amazing costumes! 



Prehistoric Pots

After we have learnt about the history of the Stone Age to Iron Age, our topic will change to Prehistoric Pots. This is an art based topic where we will be exploring Bell Beaker Pottery.

We will get the opportunity to explore using clay and learning techniques that were used in Prehistoric Britain. Year 3 will be making links between our Prehistoric Pots topic and our Through The Ages history learning.

Key Vocabulary