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Term 4

Rocks, Relics and Rumbles


In term 4, we’re going to exploring the features and characteristics of the Earth. We will be learning all about explosive volcanoes, giant tsunamis and shaking earthquakes!

We’ll be improving our geography skills as we learn about physical features of the Earth. We will also learn about the long and short term impacts some of these natural disasters can cause. 

We will also explore some of the history of fossils as we learn all about an amazing palaeontologist called Mary Anning. 

In science we will be exploring how fossils are formed and will be learning all about different types and uses for rocks and soil. 



In term 4 we also have an art companion topic called 


We will make sketches of different Ammonite pictures to focus on the shapes, patterns and form. 

Then we will use these sketches to make a print of our chosen ammonite design. 

We will then use our rolling and coiling skills from term 1 to sculpt our designs. 

We will complete the project by photographing our creations.