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Term 3 Scrumdiddlyumptious!

We’re going to enjoy a yummy journey of discovery, sampling fantastic fruits and tantalising treats!

This half term, we’ll visit the local shops in River to find out about the food sold there. We’ll bring back samples of fruits and vegetables so we can investigate them using our senses. Will we like everything we taste?

We’ll try different types of treats and even bake our own. In art and design, we’ll look closely at fruits and vegetables and sketch and sculpt what we can see. We’ll follow recipes and learn about foods from around the world.

Our science work will focus on food groups and the importance of food in our daily lives.

We’ll also learn about the fascinating discoveries made by the physicist James Lind.

Finally, we’ll invite other children and adults to sample some of the delicious foods we’ve made. We hope you’ll like them!


The following websites can be used to help support your child's understanding of our topic learning.


This link includes an interactive Eatwell Guide and information about different food groups.


This three-minute video explains how chocolate is grown, processed and transported.

A three-minute video of the journey of bananas from Costa Rica to supermarket shelves.


We will be learning about an organisation promoting better prices, terms, and working conditions for farmers and workers.


Term 2 Mighty Metals Topic Overview and Key Vocabulary