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Term 4


Our big questions for term 4 are

Why does a zebra have stripes?

Why doesn't a snake have legs?


This term we are going to be exploring a range animals and reptiles from our wonderful world and learning about the countries in which they live. Through our busy time we will be able to explore a range of animals and reptiles we are interested in, trying to write their names, create collages and look through fact books. In PE we will be moving our bodies like a range of animals and reptiles and thinking about why they move that way. We will also be learning about animal patterns and camouflage so we can make our own. We will reflect on our school day and compare it to a school day for a child in Kenya, thinking about how people around the world live in different ways. At the end of the term we will get a chance to see some of the animals we have learnt about at Wingham Wildlife Park.


Below is our termly topic map as well as our topic specific vocabulary. If you have any questions, special skills or interesting subject knowledge linked to any of our topics please let us know; we would love to invite you in.

Mild chilli words are words that your children should know the meaning of and use them in everyday conversation.

Hot chilli words are words that your children may have heard but perhaps don't yet fully understand their meaning. They are words that would be in an adults everyday vocabulary.

Spicy chilli words are very topic specific and may require discrete teaching. It is our aim that your child will be able to use them correctly and in context by the end of the topic.