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Term 4 Topic:

Open wide – let’s take a look inside!  We’re on a voyage to investigate the busy world inside our bodies. 

Do you have a toothy grin or winning smile?  We’ll be taking dental impressions, testing the effects of sugary substances on our pearly whites and checking the efficiency of our tooth brushing techniques as we investigate human teeth. 

We’ll find out more about the journey a piece of food takes as it travels through our digestive system and considering the importance of good hygiene at both ends of the journey!  We will use our new science knowledge, together with our art and design technology skills, to create working models of the digestive system. 

We will compare the digestive systems of different animals and humans and challenge ourselves to work out which waste product matches which animal! 



PSHE - Healthy Me!


In PSHE, we will be discussing how we can keep ourselves healthy, both physically as well as mentally.