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Year 2 Term 4 Topic Map


What did the turtle say?

Above is our topic map for term 4 which outlines the key knowledge and skills the children will be developing throughout our topic across a range of curriculum areas. Attached is also a list of key vocabulary we will be exploring and using.


In our topic this term, we will be building on our understanding of the oceans around the world to explore the impact that people are having on them. We will be exploring images of the ocean, recognising the benefits of it to our lives (such as fishing, travel and research) and the beauty that lies within to create collages and art work.  


We will be supporting the children in understanding that protecting our environment is the responsibility of all. Linked closely with our science learning, we will be exploring the animals that live in the oceans and how their habitats and food chains could be affected.


We will also be thinking about ways to change our day-to-day lives and the changes we can implement. As part of this we will be learning how to sew fabric together, with the end goal of creating a re-usable lunch bag.