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The Easter Story


Share the story of Easter with a grown up. Why is Easter important? Who is it important to?


(We have provided a range of choices the share the story with the children, please choose the one you think is most appropriate for your child as we are aware this can be a sensitive topic.)


Powerpoint of the Easter Story. Twinkl are giving parents a code for free membership for the month.

The Beginners Bible Video

Cbeebies Easter Story

Song of the week
Picture 1

The Journey Home From Grandpa's

(This is a video file from Barefoot Books, when you play it, cover the screen so your child can listen and join in with the song).


How many different vehicles can you name from the song?

What colours are they?

Can you draw a picture of some of the things in the song?

Can you label what you have drawn?


We would love to see these!

(Take a picture on your phone/ tablet and e-mail them to us).

Remember you can do this any day you wish!