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Good afternoon Adamson and Durrell Teams! 

We hope that your non-chronological report planning went well this morning and that you managed to recall how to find the perimeter of shapes in our maths home learning. 

Have you been on TT Rock Stars yet today?  The Year 4 battle is at its midway point...make sure you contribute to your team's success! 


First this afternoon we have some French for you to have explore, building on your learning from yesterday. 


A new activity for us all...our super new French resource has a pupil games area which you can have access to onlinesmiley

If you're sharing a tablet, laptop or other device with your other family members, you may need to negotiate a suitable time to access this bit of learning - remember that we need to share kindly and fairly. 


Remind yourself of the activities that you should have done yesterday - your flashcards to remind you of the names of different rooms that we can find in homes.  Then, log in to 

If you come across any difficulty in finding content in this area, in school we find that this resource doesn't always work in Chrome - Safari and Internet Explorer work though so it's worth trying a different way of accessing it. 


Log in to the tab at the top, right-hand side of the page which says 'Pupil Games Area' Our school log in username is River2020  and the password you need is Lewisham

Now, select the section called 'Chez Moi' (My home) - it's about halfway down, under the 'medium challenge' section.

Explore any of the games in this area!  Practise your pronunciation as you play.

Once you've had a go at some of the French games, or whilst you're waiting for your turn, why not have a go at one of the other activities suggested on our 'current learning' home page or in the PE or Music sections of our website?


Other activities for this afternoon include:

  • Read for 10-15 minutes.  Was the prediction you made yesterday accurate?  What do you think will happen next? 
  • Our afternoon activity tomorrow is art based, encouraging you to respond creatively to a question that Mrs Veen will ask you!  You could begin to think about gathering together some resources to prepare for this.  Do you have colouring pencils,  felt-tip pens, paints, a craft box with resources, some colourful bits of paper and card in your recycling box? Gather them together in preparation - remember to store them neatly out of other people's way until you need them tomorrow!
  • Do a task - without being asked - to help someone else at home.  Is there a job that you enjoy doing, or perhaps one that needs doing that you know someone else at home doesn't enjoy doing?