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Good afternoon Adamson and Durrell Teams!  We hope you enjoyed your English and Maths learning this morning.  


This afternoon we have a couple of Easter-themed activities for you smiley


Task One - French

First, log in to Language Angels (u: River2020  p: Lewisham)

Click on Les Nombres (Numbers) and play one or two of the games in there.  We think you'll find them pretty easy - it's just to brush up your skills smiley


Then, have a look at the information in the document below - if you have PowerPoint then you can download it and view the slide show, it is also saved as a pdf if you don't have access to PowerPoint

As you read,  try to remember the key information - there's a quiz at the end!  


You'll find your main activity on the final page!  You might want to find some paper or card and some coloured pens, pencils or paint smiley

Task Two - Art