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Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought or an idea?

Can you change the world with a paintbrush, a thought or an idea? 1

Term 6 2019


Pack up your pencils, pick up your paintbrushes and prepare to be amazed by the wonderful work of 19th and 20th century artists.


During this half term, we’ll visit Turner Contemporary to view an exhibition. We’ll talk about features of the artwork and sketch our favourite pieces. We’ll research important artwork of the 19th and 20th centuries online, choosing a favourite piece of art to describe in more detail. Using maps, we’ll locate art galleries around the world and calculate how much it would cost to get there. When we’ve gathered a range of materials, we’ll make beautiful sketchbooks and use them to collect ideas and inspiration. We’ll create pieces of art inspired by well-known artists and use search engines to source images of modern art to put into a digital portfolio. We’ll express ourselves through poetry, stories, music and painting. Art can affect our feelings and emotions, and we’ll investigate whether everyone responds in the same way. We’ll also use found objects to create a surreal sculpture.

At the end of the topic, our work will be displayed in an exhibition, and we’ll give guided tours. We’ll also perform an expressionist dance for our audience.
This term's topic is, 'Do we still see the impact of World War Two today?

Term 4 2019 curriculum map

Term 3 2019 Curriculum map

Harrison class have been researching the Home Front during World War Two.  The children were given a choice to investigate one of these questions:

  • How did the role of women change during WW2?
  • Why was the Home Guard formed?  What was their mission?
  • Why was the job of the ARP warden so important?

The Home Guard by Mason and Nick F.

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What is the cost of war?

In term 2, we will be learning about the first world war. We will look at the role of horses during WW1, the causes of the war, life at a soldier on the front line as well as important events during the four years of conflict. We will be working on our drama skills and hot-seating characters in role as different people from war time in order to explore feelings, emotions and events that they would have experienced. Lots of learning to be done!

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We have been learning about the role of horses during the Great War.  We wrote non-chronological reports about war horses using our research skills to find out as many facts as we could from a range of secondary sources.  

Our reports about WW1 war horses

Our reports about WW1 war horses 1

Term 2 2018 Year 6 Curriculum map

This term we will be investigating the question, 'What did the Victorians do for us?'  

Victorian day

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Term 1 2018 Curriculum map

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Why not take a look at some of these websites to find out more about anything that has taken your interest in our lessons so far...