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Good afternoon, Adamson and Durrell Teams!  


This afternoon we have a variety of options  linked to both PE and PSHE for you smiley


By the end of the afternoon, everyone should have had chance to think about what 'being healthy' might mean.   Some of you might  be able to join in with all the activities, some of you might only be able to do the PSHE one.  Whatever you manage to join in with, enjoy your afternoon!


First of all, your optional PE activity.  We had started to choreograph our Line Dance Routines to Cotton Eye Joe.  

Your optional, first task is to practise your moves and finish choreographing the dance the way you would have chosen to continue and finish it.  Remember the success criteria that we were setting and referring to each week?  Keep that posture strong, use your core muscles and make your movements precise and clear.  Don't forget to keep the bounce going in time to the beat throughout the dance!  The link we were using is here: 

How will you share your dance?  Can you show someone at home?  Perhaps you can send a video of it to a family member who might enjoy seeing you?


If you prefer circuits to line dancing, have a go at making up a fitness routine in and around your house.  Remember that other people live (and are working) in your house too - before you begin, agree where in the house and garden you may go and what equipment you may use.  Be careful and don't disturb other people too much!


Perhaps you could make a weekly diary of the different exercise that you do?  You could record how you feel before and after it.  Do you notice any patterns?



Tuesday 31st March 2020


LO: To consider a variety of ways of 'being healthy'


Being healthy isn't only about exercise of course.  Your other task this afternoon is to consider what 'Being Healthy' means to you. 

Share your ideas in any way you choose - you might create a poster; you might make a PowerPoint; you might write a blog:  perhaps you’d like to share your ideas in a vlog.  If you have access to technology, you could explore the resources we have on Purple Mash that might be helpful for this job! Look in Computing and English and explore the tools available.