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Term 4 - Diversity, Danger and Dancing!










We will be exploring how diverse the country of Brazil is - looking at the contrasting lives of rich and poor and the differing environments of the cities and rain forest.


We will also be exploring the deadly creatures which live in and around the Amazon.


Then its carnival time:

- Learning some Samba moves to put into our own dances

- Designing and making our own carnival headdresses

- Preparing and cooking some Brazil street-food

- And...sharing all this on our Family Learning Day!


Term 3 - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence 

During Term 3, we will be taking a step back in time  - to the 14th Century.




This half term, we’ll travel back to the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain. Why not visit your local library or museum to see if the 14th-century plague affected your area? You could also look around your house with an adult to see how many products there are that are made to tackle germs. Would they have helped to prevent the spread of the plague? Alternatively, read a book together that is set during a plague. How were the characters’ lives affected by the deadly disease?


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Incredible Rockets!!

Still image for this video
Year 5 had the BEST time designing and making their own bottle rockets. We discussed and observed how real rockets work and applied these ideas when designing and making our own bottle rockets. As you can see from the videos, we had a lot of success!!!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Meeting the most amazing robot - Nao!


In Year 5, we were very lucky to spend the morning: meeting robots, taking a trip to Mars and building our own Lego Mars rovers. 


Jo from Robokids, taught us all about the most recent missions to Mars (and future ones) She introduced us to her completely incredible robot - Nao.  

Nao performed a dance, brushed her teeth, followed instructions and waved to us. We all just loved her!

Some photos from our robot morning

Year 5 will be taking on the role of rocket designers; when they reach the innovate stage of their Stargazers Topic. 


On the journey to becoming expert rocket designers they will be:

  • Learning all about the Solar System
  • Looking at the amazing people behind the biggest discoveries about Space
  • Explore how an astronaut dresses and lives
  • Practice their programming skills using Scratch
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