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Art lesson


In art, we have been learning about landscape art and atmospheric perspective. You can open the atmospheric perspective lesson slides below to remind yourself of the techniques that we have practised using in class. 


This week, we would like you to choose one of the Narnia landscape photos. You will need to recreate this photo using the techniques learnt to create atmospheric perspective. You can draw the outline of shapes you can see in pencil, then use watercolour paint, if you have it at home, to create the colour and shading. Once this is dry, you can use ink or pencil to create further texture with hatching, cross-hatching or stippling. 


Here is an example that Mrs Stevens created for inspiration:



Science Lesson

Take a look through the PowerPoint to see some simple tests that you can do at home to explore the properties of gases. Make sure to click on the blue, underlined links to watch some videos to help you explore the science behind the tests.