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Monday - PSHE Dreams and Goals

Tuesday - RE Special Places

Friday- PE

(No live lesson this afternoon)

When you do the activities below, could you keep score and send them to the class e-mail please? Mrs Salisbury is going to collate the scores for house intrasport. 


Penguin Waddle

Mark out a track 3 meters long. Stand at the starting marker, place a balloon between your knees and waddle like a Penguin around the other marker without dropping the balloon. Top Tip- use your arms to help you balance when you waddle.

How many can you achieve in 60 secs?


Shuttle runs

Set up 2 markers 10 metres apart. How many shuttle runs can you do in 60 secs? There and back = 1 point


Bean bag Target Aim

Put down a starting marker, place a hoop/box 2 metres away. How many times can you throw a beanbag/object into the target in 60 seconds?

Score 1 point for each object that goes inside the target.