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Tuesday- Understanding the World/ Expressive Art and Design

Friday- PE

There will be no live lesson this afternoon.  Can you go on a space adventure? (See video below).  Or can you try some of the activities suggested by Mrs Salisbury:


Rolling Penalties

With a partner, set up a goal using two markers.  Player 1 starts 5 steps away from the goal. Player 2 starts in goal. Player 1 rolls the ball towards goal trying to roll the ball past player 2. Can player 2 prevent the ball going past them? Can player 1 score? Players score a point each time they score a goal. The first to score 5 points is the winner.

Top Tip - Saving: Look up, keep eyes on the ball, be on your toes. Rolling: Use an underarm roll and look at the target.



With a partner, each player places three targets (battleships) in front of them. Players stand at same starting point. Players take turns to throw an object towards their opponent’s battleships. Each time a battleship is hit, it is removed.  Players are not allowed to stop the object from hitting a battleship. The winner is the first player to hit all of their partner’s battleships.


Super Slalom Run

How many slalom runs can you complete in 60 seconds? Layout 3 objects 3 steps apart, you must run in and out of the objects and back to the start to complete 1 slalom run.

Achieve Gold 10 Slalom Runs Achieve Silver 8 Slalom Runs Achieve Bronze 5 Slalom Runs.



Space Picnic- Cosmic Yoga