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Mrs Salisbury's Challenges

Play Around the World

How many times can you pass the ball around your waist in 60 seconds? If you drop the ball you need to pick it up quickly and carry on.

Achieve Gold 50 Times around your waist. Achieve Silver 40 Times around your waist. Achieve Bronze 30 Times around your waist

Air Balloon

Can you keep the balloon up in the air for 60 seconds? If the balloon touches the floor you lose a life. The more lives you lose the lower your score.

Achieve Gold Lose 0 lives Achieve Silver Lose 1 life Achieve Bronze Lose 2 lives

Socks in a Box

How many socks can you pair up and put in the box in 60 seconds? Place unpaired socks 5 steps away from a box. Children run in, match up a pair of socks and place them in the box. Throw in unpaired socks as red hearings

Achieve Gold 10 pairs of socks Achieve Silver 8 pairs of socks Achieve Bronze 5 pairs of socks