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Year 1

Can you complete these challenges?

Can you climb a tree? Can you go for a bike/scooter ride? Can you play Hide and Seek? Can you make an obstacle course? Go for a family walk. Can you go for run- make your go parents too!


Year 2

Can you complete these challenges?

Happy Feet 

 Place a ball between your feet and squeeze it with your toes so that it doesn’t move. Keeping the ball between your feet, keep your knees together, move one foot forward then the other so you look like a penguin carrying an egg. Set up a little course for you to ‘waddle’ around

Jumping Dice

Play with a partner, take turns to roll a dice.  Look at the number you have rolled and then complete the correct jumping exercises:

 Roll a 1 = Perform 20 star jumps

Roll a 2 = Perform 20 tuck jumps

Roll a 3 = Perform 20 pencil jumps

Roll a 4 = Perform 20 jumps with a ½ turn

Roll a 5 = Perform 20 jumps with a full turn

Roll a 6 = Perform 20 squat jumps 

The first player to complete all of the activities listed above is the winner.

Bounce and catch

How many times can you bounce a ball and catch it in 60 seconds? The ball must bounce once. If you drop the ball, carry on counting your score from where you left off.

Achieve Gold 40 bounce and catch Achieve Silver 30 bounce and catch Achieve Bronze 20 bounce and catch