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Year 1

Can you complete these challenges?

Bye- Ball Hi- Ball

Play Bye- Ball Hi-Ball Remember to send the ball under control, how do you do that? Remember to receive the ball run past the ball and say Hi –Ball. Can you throw and catch with a partner? Have a try!

Bounce and catch

How many times can you bounce a ball and catch it in 60 seconds? The ball must bounce once. If you drop the ball, carry on counting your score from where you left off.

Achieve Gold 20 bounce and catch Achieve Silver 15 bounce and catch Achieve Bronze 10 bounce and catch

Happy Feet 

 Place a ball between your feet and squeeze it with your toes so that it doesn’t move. Keeping the ball between your feet, keep your knees together, move one foot forward then the other so you look like a penguin carrying an egg. Set up a little course for you to ‘waddle’ around



Year 2

Can you complete these challenges?


Set up 6 targets at one end of the space; lay these out in a triangle shape. Using a ball, each player takes it in turns to roll the ball towards the targets. Count how many targets you knocked over then reset for the next turn. Each player has 3 turns. Top Tip Rolling Underarm Step forwards with one foot, releasing the using your opposite hand.

How many targets can you knock over in 3 turns? 1 point for each target knocked over.

Balloon Blow

Set up a start and finish point, can you blow a balloon all the way to the finish point? There and back = 2 runs. How many can you do in 60 secs?

Throwing and Catching

Practice your sending and receiving skills with a partner. Remember- eyes on you partner when you send the ball, eyes on the ball when you receive the ball. Opposite foot forward when you send the ball.

How many catches, without dropping the ball, can you do in 60 secs?