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Year 1


Can you complete these challenges?

Star Jumps

How many star jumps can you complete in 60 seconds? Make sure you clap your hands above your head and bring your feet together

Achieve Gold 50 Star Jumps Achieve Silver 35 Star Jumps Achieve Bronze 20 Star Jumps

Play Around the World

How many times can you pass the ball around your waist in 60 seconds? If you drop the ball you need to pick it up quickly and carry on.

Achieve Gold 50 Times around your waist. Achieve Silver 40 Times around your waist. Achieve Bronze 30 Times around your waist

Rolling Penalties

With a partner, set up a goal using two markers.  Player 1 starts 5 steps away from the goal. Player 2 starts in goal. Player 1 rolls the ball towards goal trying to roll the ball past player 2. Can player 2 prevent the ball going past them? Can player 1 score? Players score a point each time they score a goal. The first to score 5 points is the winner.

Top Tip - Saving: Look up, keep eyes on the ball, be on your toes. Rolling: Use an underarm roll and look at the target



Year 2

Can you complete these challenges?

Socks in a Box

How many socks can you pair up and put in the box in 60 seconds? Place unpaired socks 8 steps away from a box. Children run in, match up a pair of socks and place them in the box. Throw in unpaired socks as red hearings

Achieve Gold 10 pairs of socks Achieve Silver 8 pairs of socks Achieve Bronze 5 pairs of socks

Catch and Clap

How many times can you throw a ball up, clap once and catch it in 60 seconds? The ball must go above your head. If you drop the ball, carry on counting your score from where you left off.

Achieve Gold 35 catch and claps Achieve Silver 20 catch and claps Achieve Bronze 10 catch and claps

Obstacle Course

How many obstacles can you run around or jump over in 60 seconds? Be creative! Place out objects; pillows, teddies around the space. Each time you jump over an object you score a point.

Achieve Gold 45 points Achieve Silver 30 points Achieve Bronze 15 points