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Computing - Live lesson slides

Computing - Independent task sheet


PSHE - Live lesson slides (with instructions for independent task)

PSHE - Independent task sheet

When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic djj

When I Grow Up written by Al Yankovic read aloud.


Science - Live lesson slides (with instructions for independent task)

Flea Life Cycle

The flea lifecycle, up close and personal.

Rat life cycle

You can't call them lazy. Once a female rat reproduces, she could have 15,000 descendants by the end of just one year!.


Art Live lesson slides and instructions for independent task

Illuminated Letters

Watch this video for inspiration when designing your own illuminated letter.


Log in to the Home School area using the school login. Select Intermediate Unit 4: En Famille (Family). Work through Lesson 3 - As-tu un frere/une soeur? (Do you have a brother/sister?)  Choose whether you want to complete the ‘Easy Challenge’ or ‘Medium Challenge’ sheet.


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Games challenges


Balloon Volleyball

Make a “net” by tying a piece of string between 2 chairs, then hit the balloon back and forth by running from one side to the other, trying to keep it off the floor.

 If you have a partner hit the balloon over the net as many times as you can without it touching the ground.

How many successful hits can you make in 60 secs?

Individual – Achieve Gold 30 Silver 20 Bronze 10. With a partner Achieve Gold 80 Silver 60 Bronze 40


Ping Pong Ball Catch 

Use plastic cups and a few ping pong balls (or any small object that will fit in the cup) and throw the ball to your partner catching it in the cup. Start out close together and then keep taking a step backwards to increase the challenge. For a single-player, they can simply throw the ball in the air and try and catch it. How many can you do in 60 secs?

With a partner- Achieve Gold 60 catches Silver 50 catches Bronze 40 catches. Individually – Achieve 50 Silver 40 Bronze 30


Healthy Heart

Layout 5 markers in a space around your area. These are your 5 cardio circuit activities.

 Station 1: Perform 10 star jumps.

 Station 2: Perform 10 mountain climbers.

 Station 3: Skip or jump for 10 seconds.

Station 4: Perform 10 burpees.

 Station 5: Jog on the spot for 10 seconds.

How many times can you repeat the circuit in 2mins?

Achieve Gold for 2.5/3 circuits Achieve Silver for 1.5/2 Achieve Bronze for 1 circuit