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Today's learning. 


Year 5 students, please attempt the first two pages as your priority. If you finish (and check your answers), there are some problem-solving questions with an extra activity to try.


Year 6 students, attempt both sides of the worksheet. As it is review for you, there is additional practice for yesterday's topic on percentages and finding missing values. I recommend doing some further practice, if you have time. 





Today we will be looking back at our drafts for the postcard home from Camp Green Lake, and making our own corrections and improvements before writing our postcard out neatly as our final piece. As many of us are working from home, this will be a real test of our independent learning. I have prepared some templates for both the front and back of the postcards. Normally, when we write a postcard, the front has the image, and the back is where we write. However, this time (because we're not actually going to be posting them!) we can set the front and back on the same piece of paper. If you can, try and mount it onto a piece of card too! all will be explained in the live session.





Teoilhuicatlapaluaztli-Ollin Tonalmachiotl... In the language of the Aztecs, Nahuatl, that means "The Great and Venerable Mechanism of the Universe". Today we call it, the Sun Stone or the Calendar Stone. This afternoon we will be learning about the Aztec calendar (which they basically borrowed from the Mayan people). Compared to how we read and mark the date today, it was much more sophisticated. We won't be able to work it all out, because that's a job for archaeologists and scientists, but we will be able to understand parts of it, and to produce some really cool Aztec hieroglyphics for our classroom.