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Maths. For year 5 students, attempt questions 1 to 6 please, that's the first two pages. If you are confident, then try questions 4 to 9 (pages 2 and 3). For year 6 students, attempt all of the sheet.

Support video year 6

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ENGLISH. To day we are continuing with our grammar topic on determiners, prepositions and conjunctions. Today we talked about prepositions in more depth. I would like both year groups to do the two-page worksheet on PREPOSITIONS. The other worksheet is to practise all three word classes (determiners, conjunctions and prepositions together). Year 5 students, please attempt questions 1 to 6, and year 6 students please attempt questions 4 to 9. Thanks.

TOPIC. Today we are writing out our riddles (edited and corrected, without spelling mistakes please) in calligraphy style. This will give them some authenticity, like real Tudor riddles! Use the worksheet to do some neat practice; don't rush calligraphy. When you are confident, write out your riddles in calligraphy style, for uploading on the class website. You don't have to print out all of the paper, you only need to have some lined paper at home. A felt tip pen, or normal pen, can be used instead of a calligraphy pen. There are also a couple of video links with some further advice and suggestions about writing calligraphy style. Good luck, and remember: calligraphy is not about rushing it!

Here is the example of calligraphy that I did based on one of Luke's riddles.

How To: Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners! Easy Ways to Change Up Your Writing Style!

Simple Calligraphy Tutorial for Kids