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Sports Week Competitions 2019

A Traditional British Fair and Afternoon Tea at the Cricket


On Friday, to celebrate the end of our very enjoyable sports week, the whole school celebrated with a trip to the fair, an afternoon tea and our very own cricket World Cup.


Year 4 Blake Class and Year 5 Matisse Class designed and created a range of fair stalls for the rest of the school to enjoy, including tin can alley, coconut shy, bat the rat and hook a duck . They chose the pricing and prizes of each stall then ran them on the day. Throughout the day each year group played in a cricket match final whilst the other members of the school visited the fair. Later on in the day, we enjoyed the delights of Year 1 and 2's Wake and Shake routine which we all learnt and then performed as a whole school.


During the week the children also created their own afternoon tea menu. Each year group were given a budget which they had to stay within as they researched different foods and the cost of the ingredients. They then made sandwiches and scones to enjoy as they watched the final cricket match of the day as a whole school.


Take a look at the photos below to see all the fun and games!

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Fair Enterprise Winners


Year 4 Blake Class and Year 5 Matisse Class designed, created and ran different fair stalls with the aim of raising as much money for their house teams as possible.


The results from each house are below:

1st Place - Holmestone, raising £112.89

2nd Place - Coxhill, raising £111.70

3rd Place - Frandham, raising £92.30

4th Place - Limekiln raising £65.40


Well done to both classes and thank you to all the children that spent their money at the fair. From the fair we have raised a total of £382.29 for the PTFA, an excellent achievement!