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Monday 18th May 2020


L.O: To identify the spelling rule.


Look at this week’s words:

division, explosion, invasion, persuasion, erosion, collision, decision, conclusion

1. Say the words.

2. What do you notice about each word?

3. What sound is similar?

4. How is this sound spelt?

5. Where is this sound in the word?



This week’s spelling rule is the ‘shun’ sound spelt ‘sion’.


-sion means ‘the result of’ e.g. division means the result of dividing


Main Activity


For each of the eight spelling words.


1. Write each word showing the ‘shun’ sound in a different colour e.g. division  


2. Explain what the word means by using a dictionary or safe search - you could write a definition or draw a picture to show your understanding.


3. Use spelling shed to practise spelling ‘-sion’ words each day this week.