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Friday 22nd May 2020


L.O: To spell words with a ‘-sion’ suffix.


Word Search Time!


This week’s spelling rule is the ‘shun’ sound spelt ‘sion’.   The words we have been learning are:

division, explosion, invasion, persuasion, erosion, collision, decision, conclusion


We know that lots of you love to solve word searches so, for spelling, you have two word search related challenges this morning! 

First, solve the word search that we have created for you. 


Then, over to you to create a word search for someone else to solve, using our spelling words from this week. Use the grid below to help you.  If you aren't able to print, you could use a piece of squared paper from your maths book or even draw out a grid using a pencil and ruler. 


Perhaps someone in your house could have a go at solving your word search or perhaps you know someone locally who might enjoy solving it if you popped it through their door? 

Please always check with a grown-up at home if you want to share your learning with someone else.